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01st Nov 2023

Quiz: Name every team to have played in the Premier League?

Callum Boyle

JOE Quiz

There’s 51 to get

As we all know, football started in 1992. Anything before that which springs to mind is your brain playing tricks on you.

Over the years we’ve seen the Premier League become one of the most-watched sporting events with billions of pounds, lucrative deals and millions of eyes watching.

Some teams have been in the league ever since its inception some 32 years ago and there’s others who have only had brief spells in England’s top division.

So to celebrate all of those great and wonderful clubs, we’re challenging you to name every single one of them.

I was also feeling extra nice and instead of your usual five minute timer, I’ve doubled it to 10 minutes – just because there’s 51 teams to get and that’s a lot to remember in five short minutes.

You’ll probably blitz through half before your mind goes blank as you try and wonder if [insert team] has ever featured on Match of the Day before.

Anyway, enjoy and if the link below doesn’t work, just click here

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