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22nd Apr 2021

Premier League to create new rule to instantly expel teams that join breakaway leagues

Charlie Herbert

“This will kill off the threat of English clubs joining a European Super League for ever.”

The Premier League is set to an introduce a new rule that will see any teams that join a breakaway European league will face an instant expulsion, the Times reports.

It’s as debates take place regarding what sanctions, if any, the six clubs involved in the Super League proposals should face because of their involvement. If the teams had followed through with the tournament plans, then they would almost certainly have been booted out of the Premier League, and UEFA had said that players playing for teams involved would not be able to play in any tournaments sanctioned by UEFA.

A source with knowledge of the new rule proposal said that it will “kill off the threat of English clubs joining a European Super League for ever.”

This new rule would mean that no matter what happens over the coming weeks and month, any team signing up to a new breakaway tournament that has not been given the approval of the Premier League would be immediately expelled from the league.

Premier League rule L9 states which tournaments clubs are allowed to play in.

It reads: “Except with the prior written approval of the board, during the season a club shall not enter or play its senior men’s first team in any competition other than

L.9.1 – The UEFA Champions League
L.9.2 – The UEFA Europa League
L.9.3 – The FA Cup
L.9.4 – The FA Community Shield
L.9.5 – The Football League Cup or
L.9.6 – Competitions sanctioned by the County Association of which it is a member.”

The new suggestion of instant expulsion for clubs who join other competitions is intended to remove any ambiguities around new tournaments and proposals.