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07th Jul 2018

Plenty of BBC viewers thought Jurgen Klinsmann gave some very rude advice to England

Once you hear it, it's hard to unhear it

Darragh Murphy

There was plenty of talent in the BBC studio building up to England’s World Cup quarter-final with Sweden.

You had Gary Lineker hosting the preview of the game, as usual, and he was joined by fellow England legends Alan Shearer and Rio Ferdinand, as well as World Cup winner Jurgen Klinsmann.

The quartet shared stories of their experiences at major tournaments before England and Sweden met in Samara, with a semi-final place awaiting the winners.

As the teams lined up in the tunnel, each pundit took their turn to give the England players some words of advice before they took to the pitch.

“I think that they shouldn’t risk anything for the first 20/25 minutes,” Klinsmann said. “As I’ve said, playing out of the back is not a must. If you think there’s any risk to it then play it in long to Harry Kane, who can hold it up.

“Play simple. Calm your nerves. It will take 15/20 minutes. You are extremely excited. You are nervous. You want to do well. You know that the whole country is watching you now and expecting big things.

“Find your rhythm, find your balance and take it from there.”

We, at JOE, heard “balance” because our minds are not in the gutter but Klinsmann’s German accent led many to believe that the former Spurs forward had advised England to do something much ruder.