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15th Aug 2018

Pep Guardiola has changed a rule at Man City as he aims to crack down on prima donnas

Seems fair

Darragh Murphy

Pep Guardiola is well aware of the dangers that come with gathering too many superstars together in the same dressing room.

Having managed some of the greatest players to ever step foot on a pitch, Guardiola is eager to make it something of a level playing field for his dressing room at Manchester City.

Guardiola is clearly attempting to ensure that none of his Premier League winners will be resting on their laurels for the defence of their title as the City boss has made a change to the way that his players are punished for infractions.

While City players used to face a set fine for breaking club rules, Guardiola has introduced a new structure which will see everyone fined a percentage of their wages, according to a report in the Sun.

The change will mean that the higher earners at the Etihad will be hit more in the pocket than the players who are currently breaking through.

It would have been possible last season for Kevin de Bruyne and Phil Foden to receive the same fine for showing up late to training but Guardiola wants to level the playing field.

Most clubs enforce a set fine on players who violate regulations but Guardiola is eager to make it clear to City’s superstars that they are no better than his youngsters.