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16th Jun 2018

Mo Salah fails to blow out the candles on his massive birthday cake

Wil Jones

If Yaya Toure has taught us anything, it’s that you have to remember your star player’s birthday

In 2014, the Manchester City midfielder’s advisor famously said that he was considering leaving that club because they’d failed to mark his 31st birthday.

On Friday, Egypt played their first game of the 2018 World Cup, losing 1-0 to Uruguay in group A. It was also Mo Salah’s 26th birthday. Salah did not feature – his shoulder injury at the hands of Sergio Ramos meant he remained on the bench.

The Egyptian FA knew not to make the same mistake Manchester City did with Toure, and Salah was presented with this giant cake.

The clip shows Salah being surprised with the cake in what looks to be the team’s hotel in Chechnya, surrounded by fans and his fellow players.

According to the tweet from the Egyptian FA, the cake weighed more than 100 kg, and it has a golden boot in it. Cristiano Ronaldo might currently be in the lead for the real World Cup golden boot, but it’s nice to know Salah got one on his birthday. Maybe it was edible?

Obviously Salah was overjoyed, and went over to blow out the candles – but from the looks of the video, he barely managed to blow a single one out.

Look, we know your shoulder is still probably hurting, but that’s a poor showing Mo.