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28th Nov 2023

Majority of fans disagree with new sin-bin rule set to be trialled

Callum Boyle

Sin-bin rule

Supporters aren’t that keen

A poll has concluded that the majority of fans disagree with the propose rule change that will see sin-bins trialled in football.

On Tuesday it was announced that sin-bins are set to be introduced to football after the sports’ lawmakers approved the decision to trial them at the elite level from possibly as early as next season.

During the 2017/18 season, sin-bins were successfully trialled before being rolled out across 31 leagues throughout the 2018/19 season as part of their pledge to improve the match day experience.

They have proved to be successful in tackling dissent for many years at grassroots and youth level and the new trials could also see them used to punish tactical fouling.

Should players fall guilty of breaking these rules then they would be brandished an “orange card” as part of the new shake up.

In response to the recent announcement, JOE conducted a poll in which 57 per cent of the audience said they don’t agree with the decision from the International Football Association Board (IFAB).

One person even commened: “Awful. Football doesn’t need to become like Rugby.”

Another said: “I suspect cramp has just significantly increased in the team down to 10 men. Games will last even longer. Show me the incentives I’ll show you the outcome.”

Meanwhile the other 43 per cent voted in favour of the trial, which Lukas Brud, the CEO of IFAB, hopes can make a difference.

He told The Times: “Players may not worry so much about getting a yellow card for saying something inappropriate to a referee, but it can make a big difference if they know it means a tenth of the match off the pitch.”

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