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16th Jun 2018

Ludicrous stat proves Cristiano Ronaldo is getting better with age

He's a freak of nature

Wayne Farry

Is he even human?

It is a widely held belief that footballers – much like other sports people – reach their prime around the age of 27, before inevitably beginning to fade around the age of 31.

Of course, some players fly in the face of this – peaking earlier than others or blooming later – but on the whole this is a trend to which most footballers unconsciously adhere.

One player though, more than any other, is the exception that proves the rule, and you’ll get no prizes for guessing that that player is Cristiano Ronaldo.

We have always known that he is improving with age, but one statistic – posted on Twitter by The Times sports writer James Gheerbrant – shows just how drastic Ronaldo’s improvement has been since entering his 30s.

Since turning 30 on 5 February, 2015, the Portuguese star has scored 32 international goals in 33 games for his country, as well as 48 goals in 44 Champions League games for Real Madrid, compared to *just* (haha) 52 in 118 and 72 in 109 previously.

If anything, this stat simply proves that the former Manchester United man’s commitment to not only performance, but particularly conditioning, has turned what should be the twilight of his career into one ludicrously long prime.