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26th May 2018

Man knocked out after ‘trying to fight Liverpool fans’ in Kiev

It's been claimed the man, believed to be local, had been trying to start fights with Liverpool supporters


Thousands of Liverpool fans have descended on Kiev ahead of their Champions League final with Real Madrid on Saturday.

Although the vast majority of supporters have enjoyed a trouble-free stay in the Ukrainian capital so far, footage being shared before the game claims to show the moment one local man attempted to pick a fight with some of them.

Originally posted on Reddit before being shared by Empire of the Kop, it shows a shirtless man throwing punches and aiming kicks at a man who is sitting down, clearly showing no interest in getting into a fight.

Many of those sharing the video claim the bare-chested man is from Kiev and the man he is attempting to attack is a Liverpool supporter – although some people have claimed all of the men involved are Ukrainian.

Before long, a group of bystanders attempt to intervene, much to the annoyance of the shirtless man. Taking exception to what was being said, he approaches a man wearing a yellow shirt who instantly lashes out at him, sending him crashing to the ground.

Despite the tweets about the incident, the man in the yellow shirt does not appear to be a Liverpool supporter, with some of those sharing the footage pointing out he appeared to be selling souvenir scarves ahead of the game.

Needless to say, we hope the man on the receiving end of the punch is okay, and that he learned a valuable lesson from the incident.