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21st Jun 2022

Gareth Southgate given dreaded vote of confidence by FA

Callum Boyle

Gareth Southgate FA

We all know how this usually goes

Gareth Southgate has been given the dreaded vote of confidence by the Football Association, following England’s difficult run of results.

The Three Lions failed to win any of their opening four Nations League games, losing twice to Hungary and drawing with Germany and Italy.

England’s 4-0 humiliation at the hands of Hungary – their worst home defeat in 94 years – at Molineux saw Southgate met with boos and jeers, with some even calling for him to be sacked.

But the FA have confirmed they have no plans to replace Southgate and that he has the full confidence of the governing body as England prepare for the World Cup in Qatar.

Gareth Southgate FA

“The first thing I’d say, my personal opinion on Gareth he is by and facts on the pitch the most successful England manager we’ve had for 55 years,” chairwoman Debbie Hewitt told The Athletic.

“The fact he’s taken us to a World Cup semi-final and a Euros final. The bit people don’t see as much is the Gareth at camp and the culture he’s created.

“Certainly prior to Gareth being the manager of England there was not the pride of wearing the England shirt.

“There were the club rivalries we’d read about. The players not getting on. He’s changed that beyond recognition and I’ve seen that first hand.

“I’d also say, I don’t just work in football, I work in business and I’ve worked with a lot of chief executives and Gareth’s skills — his high IQ and high EQ — would make him a chief exec in any sphere. And that resilience and accountability, the two qualities I admire most about him, is he takes the accountability, there’s no slopey shoulders, he doesn’t huff, he’s resilient and that’s what you want in an England manager.”

Southgate has been spoken to personally

Hewitt also said she had spoken to Southgate himself and reassured him of his position. She said: “Absolutely I’ve spoken to him, yes.

“Gareth’s reaction, as in everything with that sort of conversation, was that it is his accountability, there’s always something to learn. That’s why it’s refreshing working with somebody like that because that openness to learn is quite remarkable and quite unusual in any sphere.”

Southgate recently signed a two-year deal which would see him take charge until the end of the 2024 European Championships.

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