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01st Jun 2018

Fabio Borini has said he is finally ready to succeed at AC Milan

He is finally ready

Wayne Farry

What a relief

Fabio Borini has had enough. He has had enough of sitting around being bad at football. He has decided – once and for all – to be very very good at football. He has decided to be good at football for AC Milan.

The Italian joined the Rossoneri from Sunderland last summer in a move that shocked even those who have long been dead, in a move which even Borini’s family thought to themselves, “really?”.

Shockingly, he actually enjoyed a pretty good season at the San Siro, playing a pretty whopping 44 games as striker, winger and amazingly, full-back, and thankfully he has decided to have another.

In quotes published by Football Italia today, the ex-Chelsea man has said: “My balance sheet for the past season is absolutely positive,” he told Gazzetta dello Sport. “The expectations for me weren’t very high, but I think I proved to be worthy of the Milan shirt.

“I think I did good things, despite not playing in my natural role most of the time. I’d like to play and not be just a pawn. I plan to carve out a starring role. I’m not at Milan just to hole up for the winter but to get back to playing regularly.”

Well, that is settled. And we look forward to Fabio Borini being the best footballer in the world next season.


Fabio Borini