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24th Jun 2018

Everyone is loving James Milner’s last tweet about watching England

He has flipped the meme upside down

Reuben Pinder

He’s really flipped this meme on its head

James Milner is a strange footballer. When he broke through at the age of 17, he was the next big thing. And he has gone on to have a long, successful career at Leeds, Newcastle, Aston Villa, Man City and Liverpool. But for a long time, he was derided as a boring player, who did nothing but work hard and put in the occasional cross.

This sparked a meme, and a parody account that painted him as the most dull player in the world. Someone who gets excited to do their ironing on a Saturday night. Of course, there is much more to James Milner. And since he joined Twitter, he has transformed the meme, he’s owned the insult.

His latest tweet is a great example, as he embodies the parody to watch England vs Panama.

You can only respect his commitment to banter.