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29th Jun 2021

England fans in the pub since 7am ahead of tonight’s fixture with Germany

Danny Jones

England fans in the pub from 7am ahead of Germany game

England at its finest

As the much-anticipated fixture between England vs Germany looms just hours away, England fans are already psyching themselves up for the next chapter in the long-held rivalry.

The game kicks off at 5pm and there had already been plenty of calls for employers to let workers finish early so as not to miss a second of it (hint, hint, hint…). However, a fair few folks were never going to take that risk whatsoever, as England fans across the country have been in the pubs since 7am. You love to see it.

Broadcast on ITV, people from all over the country have been rocking up to public houses and beer gardens. Back in 2018, fans on a heavily decorated street in Oldham were drinking on the street around 8am as journalists interviewed them – we reckon it’s a safe bet they’re out again today. Now that’s what I call patriotism.

Following the likes of Portugal and France exiting the tournament, England have a better chance than ever of actually bringing it home and the fact they still haven’t conceded a goal must bring them confidence. Germany is, of course, going to be a real challenge but the history and meaning behind this game should be enough to spur them on.

We are just hours away from England’s first knockout game and first real test against an opposition that could go far in this tournament. I could do with a pint to calm my nerves myself.

To be honest, I’m getting anxious and clockwatching just writing this piece. Anyone watching the game in Manchester, save me a seat – ta, appreciate it.