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12th Oct 2023

Aston Villa star Alisha Lehmann reveals Drake’s cheeky request in social media DMs

Callum Boyle

Alisha Lehmann Drake

Lehmann is the most-followed women’s footballer on Instagram

Aston Villa women’s star Alisha Lehmann has shared a request she received from Canadian music star Drake.

Lehmann is the most-followed women’s footballer on Instagram with over 15.5m followers on the platform.

The Swiss international was speaking on Shirin David’s Youtube channel about how the 36-year-old messaged her privately with a request after being asked who was the most famous person to message her.

She said: “That was only three days ago. Drake wrote to me! He asked me for a jersey.”

Drake is a self-confessed sports fanatic and is often seen at many major events.

Although his love for sport knows no bounds, his luck when it comes to betting on events is quite a different story, so much so that it’s been given a name: The Drake curse.

As for Lehmann and Villa’s start to the Women’s Super League it’s been a difficult one after they lost both of their opening games of the season.

During a recent talkSPORT interview, the forward admitted that she didn’t enjoy people considering her as a celebrity before being a professional footballer.

“Some people just see Instagram and social media and don’t even know I actually play football,” Lehmann said.

“When I don’t post a football picture for a week, people say, ‘oh she doesn’t even play’.

“I think sometimes it’s a bit hard because obviously I play like I train every day, like everyone else, like I play every weekend and sometimes it’s hard because they make a picture of you.

“I’m a proper footballer. I work hard every day. I want to be the best version of myself in football and that’s my first priority in life.”

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