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01st Oct 2023

Aston Villa women’s team wear ‘wet-look’ kit despite concerns

Callum Boyle

Aston Villa

Some of the players were ‘dreading’ the idea of wearing the kit

Aston Villa’s Women’s team began their Women’s Super League campaign by wearing their Castore-made kit, despite concerns over its quality.

Villa’s men’s and women’s teams both complained to the club about the ‘wet-look’ and are insisting that the quality of the kit is affecting their performances as it retains sweat, making it heavier and more uncomfortable for players.

Carla Ward, manager of Aston Villa’s women’s side admitted before their game against Man United that her players had concerns about the kit.

She said: “[They have] similar concerns to what the men have.

“It was highlighted early in the pe-season on the men’s side and backed up by the women’s. As far as I’m concerned it’s over to the club and Castore to deal with.

“Certainly my focus has to be the weekend. My focus is making sure the players are focused on the weekend. The one thing I will say is the club have been absolutely superb in these last few days with constant communication of ‘how can we help the players? What will make them feel better?’

“There’s a genuine care from the football club so from my point of view, the players feel that, we feel that. Our focus solely now is on Manchester United.”

Aston Villa

A number of reporters are claiming that West Midlands club have spoken to Castore about the kits and are preparing to terminate their contract with them at the end of the season.

“There has been some media speculation about a potential issue in the football kit supplied by Castore to Aston Villa Football Club, said a spokesperson for the kit manufacturer.

“We are working closely in collaboration with the club to address this issue as quickly as possible to meet the standards we expect. We would like to thank the club for their patience and support to date.

“As a proud new British brand, we always hold ourselves to the highest of standards and strive to do everything we can to constantly improve the performance of our products. This means addressing any customer concerns with promptness and humility.”

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