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24th Mar 2015

Fellaini: ‘Van Gaal is strict…but that’s what we need’

Fellaini: A big fan of Van Gaal's style...


Marouane Fellaini has praised Louis Van Gaal’s strict measures to get the team back into the top four this season.

The Belgian international has enjoyed a consistent run in the first XI under Van Gaal, and says the Dutchman’s tough love is exactly what the club needed after their nightmare performance in the league last year.

“He told me ‘prove yourself and we’ll see’. Now they are counting on me,” said Fellaini.

“There were never any real doubts. I was injured at the beginning of the season and then returned. The coach gave me confidence and I proved myself in a few matches.

Fellaini expects United to maintain their progress under Van Gaal after a vital 2-1 victory against Liverpool on Sunday.

“The coach is very strict, but that’s good. We needed such a coach. Last season we had a bad season. We even missed European qualification. We needed a coach who would put some players’ feet back on the ground.

“If he says something, you should do it. Otherwise you’ll fly out of it. If he has to take you off the pitch when the game hasn’t been going on for more than 30 minutes he’ll do it. Or during half-time. Fortunately, it hasn’t happened to me yet.”