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07th Apr 2015

Felipe Massa was “f**king pissed off” after Valtteri Bottas didn’t race in Australia


Don’t p*ss Felipe off.

Just race and score points for the team, that’s all he’s asking for.

The Brazilian made it clear that he doesn’t want his Williams teammate Valtteri Bottas to make a habit of missing the chance to win valuable points after the Finn skipped the Australian Grand Prix with a back injury.

“Sometimes people think ‘OK in the first race you raced alone and Valtteri wasn’t there so you were happy’,” Massa told F1 Magazine.

“I was not happy, I was f***ing pissed off because we know how important points are for the championship and I want to see the team at the top.

“Honestly, I’m not in the position anymore just to fight with my team-mate, maybe doing something to beat them. I’m here to bring experience and to bring responsibility to give the best I can to the team.”

Massa feels his passiveness during his spell at Ferrari alongside Fernando Alonso caused his performances to suffer, but it’s no more Mr Nice Guy from here on for the Brazilian.

“I think I lost because of that as well,” he continued.

“But if I changed my style at Ferrari maybe I was not going to be there for so long, maybe they would have fired me before. So what I did at Ferrari I think was totally correct, I used my intelligence to stay there and wait for the right moment to leave, which is what happened, fortunately.”