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06th Sep 2023

Erling Haaland tapes his mouth shut when he sleeps at night

Callum Boyle

Erling Haaland

Whatever helps you sleep at night I guess

We all have our own ways of trying to get to sleep. No caffeine after 9pm, turning off your phone an hour before shutting your eyes, dozing off to a podcast. You name it, someone has probably tried it.

For Erling Haaland however, his approach may be more unorthodox than the common methods.

The Manchester City forward gets himself off top sleep by taping his mouth shut. Yes, seriously.

While it may seem like a bizarre method to some, the Norway international has claimed that it has actually helped to improve his performances on the pitch.

Revealing his night-time routine on Logan Paul’s Impaulsive Podcast, he said: “I think sleep is the most important thing in the world.

“To sleep good, simple kind of things like blue-blocking glasses, shutting out all the signals in the bedroom, I think is really important.”

Paul then revealed that he wore nasal stripes to improve his sleep and recommend Haaland to try before the 23-year-old replied: “You should try and tape your mouth then.”

“He then explained the reason behind taping his mouth, saying: “I sleep with it. Doing a lot of things is not good but doing small things every single day for a longer period really pays off.”

Considering Haaland scored over 50 goals in all competitions last year and already has six Premier League goals from the opening four games, it’s fair to say that this method works for him.

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