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09th Oct 2021

Drake predicts Tyson Fury win as fans recall the dreaded ‘Drake curse’

Daniel Brown

The return of the ‘Drake curse’

Fans of Tyson Fury are worried that The Gypsy King will become the latest victim to the ‘Drake curse’ after the singer posted a message expressing his support for the boxer.

Essentially, the ‘Drake curse’ is a phenomenon that some people believe occurs whenever Drake shows his support for an athlete or team before they compete in a big sporting fixture.

There are a number of examples that people refer to in regard to this, for example, the Canadian could wear a team’s kit, post a photo with a player or, as is the case of Fury, post a message of encouragement on social media.

What follows this, usually against the odds, is that they go on to lose their match/event.

With this in mind, a number of Fury’s supporters – most likely jokingly – have expressed their concern about the ‘curse’ ahead of The Gypsy King’s trilogy bout against the Bronze Bomber later tonight (9 October).

Posting the clip on Twitter, Fury wrote: “Trust me @Drake, once I’m done with him he’ll be running through Alabama with his woes! God Bless You G.”

In the video, Drake explains the ‘love’ and ‘inspiration’ he takes from Fury: “This is a video for the most psycho man that I know. He’s mad in his head, but he has the purest heart, nicest guy. The Gypsy King, the scariest man in boxing.

“I’m wishing you the best of luck this weekend, brother. I want you to just go out there and continue the legacy.

“Do what you do. We all love you because you’re relentlessly yourself.

“So go out there and get the work done and afterwards f*****g sing your heart out or say whatever the f**k you want to say.

I’mma tell you, brother, we’re all so proud of you. We love you. I appreciate you always staying in contact with me.

“I appreciate the encouragement, the inspiration. Yeah, man, I’m looking forward to seeing the end result this weekend.

“Wishing you the best, always. I’ll see you on the other side. F*** ‘em.”

Voicing their concern on Twitter, one person wrote: “Na! Why Drake gotta do this before the fight. Drake curse in full effect again. Pain”

Someone else said: “Not the drake curse on the gypsy king”.

A third commented: “Fury breaking the Drake curse would be more impressive than holding any belt”.

A fourth added: “The drake curse better not be real”.

Fury’s bout against Wilder is set to take place at T-Mobile Arena in Paradise later tonight (October 9).
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