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23rd Nov 2015

Former All Blacks doctor speculates that long-haul flight contributed to Jonah Lomu’s untimely death


Ben Kiely

A former All Blacks doctor believes it is more likely that a blood clot – as opposed to cardiac arrest – caused Jonah Lomu’s death.

John Mayhew told BBC Five Live he believed a blood clot on his lung, possibly as a result of his long haul flight home from the UK, that caused his tragic passing.

He explained on the radio show that Lomu would have felt little pain when he died suddenly last week.

“He returned from the UK via Dubai and appeared to be in good health before he died.”

“We think the most likely cause was a clot on the lung which can be a complication of long distance travel. Jonah was at greater risk of that happening because of his renal condition.”

Mayhew added that the other possibility was cardiac arrest, but “on the balance of probabilities it was probably a massive clot on the lung.”