Deontay Wilder taken to hospital after suffering brutal KO against Tyson Fury 1 month ago

Deontay Wilder taken to hospital after suffering brutal KO against Tyson Fury

The US heavyweight was dealt a knockout blow by Tyson Fury

Deontay Wilder has been taken to hospital as a precaution after his third and final fight in the trilogy against Tyson Fury ended in a brutal knockout blow.


The US fighter looked barely conscious as he hit the canvas for a third time, having also been knocked down in the 10th and even as early as the third round - the 35-year-old soon began to struggle against the sheer power of his opponent.

As per reports, just like his last fight against Fury - where he was also taken to the hospital not just as a precaution but for an eardrum injury - Wilder took some truly big hits and the issue of serious concussion is always an issue with damage to the head, so he has been taken to a medical facility to be examined.

Though Fury was downed a couple of times himself in the fourth round, he regained his composure and stability, before delivering the hammer blow which saw him beat The Bronze Bomber for the second time in less than two years.


Speaking after the fight, Wilder said that his training hadn't been perfect: "I've been home for two weeks out of the last six months, I just had a little daughter born and I didn't have the best preparations in camp. But I don't make excuses, I was a fit as a fiddle and as strong as an ox."

Nevertheless, the fight exceeded most people's expectations, with five knockdowns in total and a really good battle between two of the most powerful punchers in the game. It may not have been the AJ vs Fury fight that everyone has been hoping for these past few years, but it rounded up of a thrilling trilogy in which The Gypsy King came out on top to remain the heavyweight champion.

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