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07th Feb 2023

Casemiro explains why his name has been spelt wrong his whole career

Lee Costello

“It was a mistake made in one game.”

Manchester United star Casemiro has his name embroidered on the back on thousands of fans at Old Trafford but revealed in a recent interview that it is actually spelt wrong.

The Brazilian star is the name on everyone’s lips when talking about United’s resurgence this season as the classy midfielder has played a vital role in their success to date.

However, it turns out that it isn’t even the correct name – commonly Brazilian players are only known by there last name, and this is the case with Casemiro.

Casemiro name

Speaking on Football Focus, he explained the mix-up: “So the thing is, my name is Carlos Henrique Casimiro, with an “I” there.

“I remember that I played a game for Sao Paulo and the club got my name wrong. They wrote it with an “E”.

“I played really well in that game and as I’m a superstitious person, I said to them: “Just leave it like that, as things are going well!

Casemiro name

“So the name stuck, but my name is Carlos Henrique Casimiro.

“It was a mistake made in one game, the name stuck and I said: “No need to change it, leave it as it is.”‘

European players may get hung up on he specifics when it comes to their names, but it’s something that South American footballers are very flexible with.

In some instances, they even have their nicknames on their backs, rather than their real names, like AC Millan legend Kaka whose actual name is Ricardo Izecson dos Santos Leite (you can see why he shortened it).

Casemiro will miss United’s next three games through suspension after receiving a red card against Crystal Palace for appearing to have his hands around Will Hughes’ throat.

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