Calendar of Jack Grealish's calves being sold by 'UK's dullest man' 8 months ago

Calendar of Jack Grealish's calves being sold by 'UK's dullest man'

Will you be grabbing a copy?

An Aston Villa fan has created a calendar full of Manchester City and England player Jack Grealish's calves.


The 12-page calendar, named 'Wonderful World of Jack Grealish's Calves' has been designed by the UK's self-proclaimed 'dullest man', Kevin Beresford.

The 69-year-old, from Redditch, has cropped out Grealish's upper body and instead focused on his calves, with images ranging from his time at boyhood club Villa to present day at City.

Beresford, who is a retired painter, has created a host of weird and wonderful calendars, from a calendar of Peter Crouch with his head cropped off to one of roundabouts across the world.


He also revealed that his latest design - which has only been printed once so far - has already received hundreds of orders.

He told the Daily Mail: "The Jack Grealish calendars are flying off the shelves. I've sold about 400 copies so far; the women can't seem to get enough.

"There's been a lot of blokes buying the calendar too, I reckon it's for a Christmas present for their girlfriends.

"I even think Jack Grealish's sister might have bought one, as I know her name is Jo, and we received an order under that name.


"It would be funny to think that he might get a calendar full of his own calves for Christmas. It's definitely been one of my most popular calendars so far."

Despite Grealish leaving Beresford's beloved Aston Villa for £100m in the summer, he remains a huge fan of the attacking midfielder.


He added: "I love Jack Grealish, I think he's great, even though he's moved to the dark side.

"I focused on his calves because they're a feature you could recognise instantly. His calves are colossal.

"He still wears his childhood shin pads out of superstition, and always rolls his socks down.

"If the question came up on a quiz show, even if you don't like football, everyone would know whose calves they were.

"I'm pretty certain that even Jack Grealish himself has said that big calves run in the family."


Although the calendar has already proved to be a popular product, Beresford admitted that not all the feedback has been positive.

"I've had one woman message me saying it was disgusting to have a calendar full of calves," he revealed.

"The place where I go to get them printed off are a bit fed up with all the orders I'm putting through now. When I ring up to place an order, the receptionist usually just sighs at me."

He added: "It's definitely a bit of a controversial calendar, but it's all about the fun of it.

"I see myself as an artist, and all of my calendars have been unique. My work ends up on people's walls, just like a painting."

Since his move to the Etihad, the City No 10 has registered two goals and three assists in 15 appearances.

The England international was not in the squad as Pep Guardiola's side secured a 2-1 home victory in snowy conditions against West Ham at the weekend.

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