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17th Mar 2017

American commentator should be on duty for every Man Utd game based on this action

More of this, please


If there was ever an excuse to promote someone to ‘official Phil Jones correspondent’, this must be it.

Manchester United’s Europa League match against FC Rostov was broadcast live in the United States, meaning we got this treat from Fox Sports.

Now, when you think of American perceptions of football soccer, something like this might come to mind.

But things have changed, and now the dedicated commentators, including a range of ex-pros including Alexi Lalas and Brad Friedel, are able to imbue football expertise and enthusiasm the like of which we’ve never seen before.

It’s hard to make an inconsequential Phil Jones run sound like the most exciting thing ever, but this guy found a way.

Petition for him to follow Jones around for the rest of the England international’s career? Or at the very least give him every Manchester United game until the enigmatic defender leaves Old Trafford for the final time.