Tiger roaming street in Houston ends in tense stand off 1 month ago

Tiger roaming street in Houston ends in tense stand off

Tiger. On. Street. Sh*t. In. Pants.

Holy forking shirt balls there's a fudging tiger in the road!—is precisely what we would've said had rocked up to this street in Houston, Texas and saw bloody Bengal tiger casually roaming about.


Apparently, the animal was a neighbour's pet, despite it being illegal to have exotic animals in the city of Houston. The identity of the owner is not currently known, though we can rule out Joe Exotic considering, you know, the whole prison thing.

We blame that god damn Carole Baskin.

As you can see in the video, cars had to stop in the middle of the road and people gathered on their doorsteps to watch as a brave few tried to help control the situation.

Whoever the newly crowned 'Tiger King' is, he nearly got the endangered animal killed, as you can see a man - who turned out to be a cop - almost has to shoot it, before the owner insists he can calm things down and take it back inside. You can see more angles down below.


Unsurprisingly, the police were called and the hold-your-breath moment did catch the attention of the local news; while there is no other wild animals on the loose now, the road has been filled with media vans all day.

If you listen closely in the clips, you can hear the rightfully annoyed police officer telling the owner: “Get the f**k back inside. F**k you and your f**king tiger". While we feel bad for the cooped up cat, the idea of telling a tiger to do one made us chuckle.

Like when Karl Pilkington said he'd kick an octopus and call it a knobhead. Situation defused.


Luckily no one was hurt and although it's unclear whether any charges have been filed against the owner, I think everyone will just be glad they came out the other side without a scratch and a story to tell, at least.