Police confront woman in theme park because her shorts are 'too short' 4 months ago

Police confront woman in theme park because her shorts are 'too short'

Some people will do anything just to be a pain in the arse

A TikTok has gone viral on social media after a mum posted a video of her being harassed by supposed police officers at a popular US theme park, Six Flags. The reason: her shorts were, well, too short, apparently...


In the video that she reshared on her Facebook page, along with a follow-up statement explaining what had happened, she said that the local police department informed her that the individual(s) were not Oklahoma City police officers, where the incident took place.

You can watch the full thing down below:

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As she explains in her post, her 11-year-old daughter - who can be seen visibly distressed and crying in the video - was initially stopped after she rolled down a hill in her Heelys. She then says, from this point on, "[the officer] proceeded to follow me and grabbed my arm to turn me around and proceeded to tell me my shorts were ‘too short’”.

Breedlove and her family were on vacation and had already been enjoying the park for several hours at this point and, unsurprisingly, nobody had approached her regarding the length of shorts - presumably because they have better things to do, as you would've thought these apparent police officers would too.


She then said that the officer called for backup and was warned that she must purchase another pair of shorts or would have to leave the park. Remarkably, she tried to be as cooperative as possible and agreed but was ultimately “threatened with criminal trespassing", at which point she and her family tried to leave.

However, still not content with having upset a child, her mothers and several bemused onlookers, she was then asked to hand over her ID and after Breedlove asked why they simply said, "because we are the police". Of pants, specifically, or do you lot do some actual real work as well?

Most gallingly, not only has Six Flags' Frontier City location refused to respond or give any kind of clarification as to why the bizarre arrest was attempted, but she now has a five-year ban from all Six Flags parks.

While the policy on their website states “anyone who refuses to comply with the dress code,” can be denied entry, there isn’t anything to do with the length of shorts (pretends to be shocked), it simply uses the vague definition: “clothing generally considered offensive". So, not shorts then? Considering that's what a lot of people wear on a sunny day out at theme park.

As both she and several commenters pointed out, people are walking around in bathing suits at this venue, let alone shorts; in a follow-up post, she shows a number of pictures of the supposedly inappropriate shorts - as we ascertained from the original video, they're really not that short.


She concluded her Facebook post with the following:

Your policies are vague and confusing and the way you body shame and discriminate is unlawful. I paid a lot of money at your park for our family vacation and I believe I deserve a refund for the trauma caused to my family over a pair of shorts on a hot day. I will not be letting this go as this is 2021 and not middle school. The Oklahoma police department has been contacted as well as an attorney. I [...] will not be returning to any of your parks if this is how you treat woman and law abiding citizens and visitors. You should be ashamed with yourselves.