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24th Oct 2023

Paris Hilton hits back at sick trolls bullying her baby

‘He just has a large brain’

Paris Hilton has slammed trolls who’ve bullied her son and made vile comments about the size of his head.

The socialite who welcomed her son Phoenix via surrogate, posted snaps of her son’s first trip to NYC to Instagram on Friday however the comment section was absolutely jam packed with sick comments.

The images shared by Hilton showed her posing with her son sitting on her lap clad in Burberry from top to bottom.

Hilton absolutely loves her son by the sounds of thing, saying of him: “Phoenix is such an angel. He just turned 9 months old yesterday.

“He’s getting so tall. He’s about to crawl soon, so it’s just so much fun seeing all these milestones.”

However despite the rather innocent looking pictures, many of the comments were absolutely brutal with one person writing: “Funny looking kid” while another said: “He’s already looking further aHEAD in life than most.”

A third commented: “Man got a lot of thoughts up there.”

Responding to the trolls who called out Phoenix’s head size, Paris wrote: “There are some sick people in this world. My angel is perfectly healthy.

“And yes, of course he has been to a doctor. He just has a large brain.”