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12th Apr 2024

Travel warning issued to Brits planning Spain, Greece or Portugal trips this summer

Charlie Herbert

Brits looking for a summer getaway to popular destinations such as Spain, France and Portugal are being warned about soaring flight prices before they book.

Just like almost everything else in our lives over the past couple of years, the prices of flights have gone up.

The Mirror reports that biggest price rise is on return flights from the UK to Menorca which have rocketed 63 per cent, from £178 in January 2020 to £291 today.

According to comparison site Hopper, trips to Barcelona have gone up by just under a third, from £143 to £187, whilst journeys to Malaga have risen from £192 to £246, a rise of 28 per cent.

It’s not just Spanish destinations that have been hit by inflated prices. A trip to Athens will set you back £223, up from £182, whilst you’ll need to fork out £340 for a flight Mykonos, up from £278. These equate to price jumps of 23 per cent and 22 per cent respectively.

Flight prices to Malaga have soared by £54 compared to January 2020 (Getty)

Prices to Portuguese locations such as Faro and Porto have also increased. A return flight to these destinations will cost you £234 and £182 respectively – up from £196 and £155.

There is some good news for holidaymakers though, as flights to some destinations have bucked the trend and actually decreased in price.

Funchal in Portugal has seen flights there go down by 20 per cent in price, from £259 to £207. Meanwhile return flights to the Greek destinations of Lesbos and Souda have gone down by 15 per cent and 13 per cent respectively (£379 to £321 and £364 to £318).

Flights to Tenerife are also down by £43 (to £296 now), with flights to Lisbon seeing a slight decrease of £5 (down to £165).

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