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12th Oct 2023

Clear video of Bigfoot sighting shows ‘Sasquatch’ hiking up a mountain


‘Was a little sceptical about this, until I saw the length of the arm’

A Sasquatch, or Bigfoot, has unwittingly been spotted by a man on a train.

The mythical creature, thought to be large, hairy, and human-like, standing anywhere between 1.8m and 4.6m tall, was reportedly seen in Colorado.

A video of the sighting was originally uploaded to Facebook by Shannon Parker but has since been widely shared, and debated, across social media.

Parker was said to be Travelling along the Durango and Silverton railroad on October 8 when he and another person spotted something taking a few steps amongst the brush, before sitting down in a rather contemplative fashion.

Unable to get closer, Parker and fellow traveller Stetson Tyler tried to figure out what they were seeing – only to realise it could be the real Bigfoot!

After grabbing a few snaps of the beast in the San Juan National Forest, another passenger known only as ‘Brandon’ then captured the video clip.

Parker wrote a lengthy caption on his post describing how the creature appeared to stop and rest on the mountain and how it looked exhausted. It was in full of the train.

Of the hundreds of passengers on the train, only the three men spotted the Bigfoot, he said.

People aren’t really buying the story on social media with people suggesting it is just a guy in a silly suit.

“That costume would be a little more convincing if it weren’t so baggy,” one person wrote.

One commenter wrote: “Was a little skeptical about this, until I saw the length of the arm. The hand was all the way down to the knee. Clearly a bigfoot.”

Another user claimed the new video was the strongest evidence since the notorious Patterson-Gimlin clip – which made headlines in the 60s.

Regardless, it has clocked up millions of views.

BigFoot is said to inhabit forests in North America, particularly in the Pacific Northwest.

British explorer David Thompson is sometimes credited with the first discovery (1811) of a set of Sasquatch footprints, and hundreds of alleged prints have been adduced since then, according to Britannica.

In 1971, multiple people in The Dalles, Oregon, filed a police report describing an “overgrown ape”, and one of the men claimed to have sighted the creature in the scope of his rifle, but could not bring himself to shoot it because, “It looked more human than animal”, Wikipedia notes.

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