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01st Aug 2018

QUIZ: Can you guess the MTV show from a single image?

Take a trip down memory lane and wonder what happened to your misspent youth

Ciara Knight

MTV launched on this exact day in 1981

Anyone that was around at that time and is about to take this quiz, what has happened? You should be out there destroying the housing market with your friends, not pissing the day away taking an MTV quiz. Get out of here. Scram!

After the launch, MTV swiftly abandoned its main selling point of playing music videos on repeat when it figured out that television shows actually get more ratings, plus the general public has an unquenchable horn for reality TV.

With that came a barrage of fun, cool, sexy shows that many of us are still watching to this very day.

But how well do you remember these shows? Can you identify them from a single image?

Let’s find out.

Images via MTV