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09th Oct 2019

Why Britain must atone for its colonial past

Wayne Farry

We continue to avoid confronting its colonial past

Britain, like most countries, views itself as one of the good guys of the geopolitical landscape. It is a view hardened by two World Wars fought on the side of the Allies, but it is one which neglects to remember Britain’s role in history during its colonial era.

But while Britain sees itself as global hero, that is not necessarily how other areas of the world see the situation. JOE spoke to historian and author William Dalrymple, who stated why he feels Britain needs to face up to and apologise for its colonial past.

His most prescient example of this is India, a country which is experiencing growing anger over what Dalrymple describes as the way Britain “looted” it over a period of 300 years.

In failing to come to terms with and realise what the country has done throughout history, he believes, it continues to have a damaging effect on Britain’s relationship with the rest of the world.