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28th Jun 2022

Brexit protester has amplifiers seized as new protest laws come into force

Jack Peat

Steve Bray was confronted by police near Parliament Square

Steve Bray – commonly known as the ‘Stop Brexit’ man – had his pair of amplifiers forcibly seized by the police near Parliament Square on Tuesday.

The pro-EU campaigner has been playing loud music and rambling abuse at politicians for years, often cropping up in news bulletins with placards and donning his familiar top hat.

He recently confronted Dominic Raab outside government offices in Millbank, asking the man in charge of justice what it is “like to be a crook”.

And he’s had one or two skirmishes with Lee Anderson over the years.

But his days of noisy protests may soon be over after new protest laws came into force.

Under the Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Act, which came into force today, Bray was told by the Metropolitan Police on Tuesday that he could not conduct a “noisy protest” within a designated area outside the Palace of Westminster.

The 52-year-old didn’t take the news well, telling polite police officers they were “a bunch of fascists” as they explained the new rules to him.

He added that he was “not a happy chap, getting harassed a lot”, before seeing a police officer filming the scene and shouting ‘up yours Priti Patel’ at the camera.

Bray later filmed himself approaching a car carrying Health Secretary Sajid Javid, tweeting: “I’m not relenting or stopping. Nothing has changed.”

Nineteen Eighty-Four quotes assemble!

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