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25th Sep 2021

BBC reporter covering petrol shortage called Phil McCann

Kieran Galpin


Phil McCann has become a national icon in just a morning

The HGV driver crisis currently sweeping Britain has led to the BBC sending journalist Phil McCann to cover the news on the ground, and the joke has not been lost on social media.

His name clearly sounds like ‘Fill my can’ and social media users can’t stop talking about it.

“It’s very important to mention that this is not a shortage of fuel; it’s a shortage of drivers to deliver that fuel to places like this,” McCann stressed.

Sorry Phil but I don’t think BP has the facilities to fill your can!

Well played @BBCBreakfast Sending Phil McCann to cover the petrol panic buying. Genius level choice of reporter!” said Dr Amanda Dolan.

“Bbc report on lack of petrol due to panic buying primarily caused by the media . The BBC’s reporter is “Phil McCann “ . Seriously. They are taking the piss,” tweeted another user.

Phil is currently reporting on the HGV crisis affecting the moving of fuel to the UK’s petrol stations.

“You can’t make it up!! There’s a fuel shortage so the BBC send Phil McCann to report on it,” another person tweeted.

The government is thought to be meeting on Sunday to discuss allowing foreign workers temporary visas here in the UK, reports the BBC.

The UK is currently short of 100,000 HGV drivers, says the Road Haulage Association, which has led to shortages across the country in everything from fuel to food.

BP said roughly twenty of its 1,200 petrol stations are currently closed, with a further 50 to 100 sites affected by the crisis.

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