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27th Sep 2021

Brits warned over number plate change coming into force this month

Danny Jones

Number plate change to come into the UK

If you’re planning on travelling to Europe, you’ll need to act fast

Brits are being warned over a major change to European travel that comes into effect tomorrow (September 27).

Prior to Brexit regulations, UK drivers were required to use the EU-approved GB sticker on their number plate but as of Tuesday 28 September, motorists will have to ditch the GB sticker/magnet if they want to travel abroad.

As reported in multiple outlets, drivers will now need to order a new number plate with the UK designation – or at least the UK sticker/magnet. The previous GB stickers/magnets will no longer be valid for European travel.

The new plates, which were announced by Transport Secretary Grant Shapps at the beginning of the year, feature the Union flag and in the example below, fully electric vehicles will have a green background.

The previously standard EU plates, which featured the initials GB below the EU’s ring of stars, will no longer be suitable for travelling across the continent. This means that all those who purchased one of the registration plates referenced by Shapps will now have to buy a UK sticker in order to make their vehicle legal and ready for European travel.

Furthermore, Welsh and Scottish drivers could still travel abroad with number plates displaying their respective Welsh and Scottish flags – but only if they also placed a GB sticker on their vehicle.

This is yet another change that many may not have realised would accompany 2016’s Brexit decision. Earlier this month, it was announced that imperial measurements could also come back in, meaning Britain would drop the metric system that was introduced in 1965.

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