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29th Oct 2020

Majority of American people think President Trump is ‘racist’ and ‘dangerous’

According to a poll conducted last month, 57% of the American population believe President Trump is 'racist' and 'dangerous'

Alex Roberts

Over 5,500 people were polled last month

57% of the American population believe President Trump is racist, according to a poll conducted last month.

Among the 5,500 people across the United States who were polled last month, 58 per cent said President Trump is “divisive and dangerous” and a further 57 per cent believe he “is a racist”.

According to polling data shared with The Independent, perceptions of Trump were strongly influenced by allegiance to political party.

Just eight per cent of President Trump’s support base views him as “divisive and dangerous”. 92 per cent believe Trump is “making America great again” under his leadership.

The poll was conducted by HOPE Not Hate, an anti-extremism non-profit charity.

HOPE Not Hate say the charity was “founded in 2004 to provide a positive antidote to the politics of hate.”

The ‘who we are’ section of their website reads: “HOPE not hate was established to offer a more positive and engaged way of doing anti-fascism.

“We prioritised working in communities to town centre demonstrations; we engaged and spoke to local people rather than to ourselves; and we realised that the BNP was tapping into a wider mood of alienation and hardship and it was important to address issues of concern to voters.”

83 per cent of Trump supporters do not believe he is a racist, but his presidency has been marred by race controversies. Trump has previously refused to condemn white supremacists and far-right militia groups, such as the Proud Boys.

Before getting elected, President Trump was associated with the “birther” movement, an insular cadre of online conspiracy theorists wrongly speculating that Barack Obama, the United States’ first-ever black President, was not born in Hawaii (as his passport and birth certificate state).

Just this week, however, Trump claimed that “nobody has done more than him” for black people in America. Apart from Abraham Lincoln, that is – President at the time of the emancipation of slaves in 1862.