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05th Sep 2019

Peter Oborne on the reality of Brexit on the Irish border

Wayne Farry

A no deal Brexit would have grave consequences on the Irish border

Journalist Peter Oborne voted for Brexit in 2016, and three years later has travelled to Northern Ireland to learn about what impact the vote would have on the region.

While there, Oborne bumps into a man called Alan Black, the sole survivor of the Kingsmill massacre – during which 10 of his best friends were shot dead – who said that a return to such violence after years of his grandchildren not having to worry about neither “bomb or bullet” would be unthinkable.

Travelling from the North to the Republic of Ireland, Oborne speaks to former Armagh GAA player Jarlath Burns, as well as Irish senator Neale Richmond, on the realities and misconceptions of Brexit and the impact it will have on the island of Ireland.