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06th Sep 2022

Liz Truss stuck mid-air and circling over Aberdeenshire

Jack Peat

Insert metaphors here… 

Liz Truss’s tenure as Prime Minister got off to a turbulent start after her private plane got stuck outside Aberdeen Airport on her way to Balmoral.

The Tory leadership winner is due to have an audience with the Queen today, but she might have to keep her majesty waiting after enduring a tricky approach into the Scottish airport.

Truss and Boris Johnson flew separately to Balmoral, citing security reasons.

Johnson’s Dassault Falcon 900LX left RAF Northolt at 8.30am and landed at Aberdeen at 9.30am.

But Truss’s own jet got caught up mid-air as it struggled to land at Aberdeen in what several people have deemed to be a bad omen for her tenure in the top position.

Guardian reporter Jim Waterson questioned what the constitutional implications of Truss being stuck were, to which Marina Hyde, of the same newspaper, responded: “Arguably quite positive”.

Mirror reporter Mikey Smith chimed in, suggesting the pilot may be drawing a phallic-shaped object for the benefit of FlightRadar viewers, which he was actually pretty close to doing.

Others suggested the route sums up her views on Brexit, given that she had flip-flopped on the matter quite significantly over the ages.

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