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07th Jul 2017

Jeremy Corbyn has finally voiced his opinion on the most important issue: Love Island

And he has strong views on who should stay at the villa

Wil Jones

Jeremy Corbyn has had a lot to say on many issues – from Trident to Brexit to welfare benefit freezes.

But there’s one hot topic he hasn’t spoken about until now. It’s the one thing everyone has been talking about this summer: ITV2’s trashy-yet-capitvating reality opus Love Island. Somehow, the show has captured the nation’s imagination, with everyone from Liam Gallagher to Stormzy professing their love for it.

But until now, the Labour leader has stayed quiet on the issue. It strangely has not come up on Question Time or The Andrew Marr Show. But during his visit to an apprenticeships college in Barnet, student news site The Tab took the opportunity to grill him about it.

No I haven’t. But I would advise that Marcel needs a vote…. Cos he needs a bit of help. He needs a bit of, shall I say, TLC?

Corbyn has had a busy summer, so we can’t blame him for not having the time to watch the show – but he at least kept up with what’s going on, and urges us  to vote for Marcel.

Social media approves.