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05th Oct 2019

Is it already too late to save the world?

Wayne Farry

Climate change is happening

Whether you believe it or not, climate change is affecting our planet. It is now a boogeyman far off on the horizon threatening our futures, it is the one greatest threat to life on earth and it’s happening right now.

Melting of the ice caps, volatile weather like hurricanes, prolonged drought and unseasonably cold and hot weather are all impacting the way humans and animals live on our planet.

Activists such as the group Extinction Rebellion and Swedish teenager Greta Thunberg have increased public awareness of the threat facing the world, but without the action of world leaders that will not be enough.

JOE spoke to David Wallace-Wells, a journalist and climate columnist for New York magazine, who told us that – even if world leaders start taking this threat seriously right now, it may already be too late.