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20th Jul 2022

Hugh Grant calls Priti Patel ‘worst Home Secretary in British history’ – slams Heathrow as ‘inhumane’

Charlie Herbert

‘We’re not allowed to call Brexiteers thick but it’s a struggle sometimes’

Hugh Grant has labelled Priti Patel the “worst home secretary in British history,” blaming her for the chaos at Heathrow.

The actor posted a picture on Twitter of long queues at Terminal 3 of the airport, which he described as a “disgrace and inhumane.”

He wrote: “Dear Visitors to the UK, I apologise for the way you are treated on arrival.

“Terminal 3 Heathrow just now was a disgrace and inhumane. I’m afraid we have the worst Home Secretary in British history.”

When he was asked to elaborate on the picture, the Love Actually star said: “It’s a queue for immigration control. Which is staffed and run by the Home Office.”

He then added: “We’re not allowed to call Brexiteers thick but it’s a struggle sometimes.”

Priti Patel has been Home Secretary since 2019 and was a prominent supporter of Brexit. She has come under fire in recent months for the government’s Rwanda deportation policy.

This isn’t the first time Grant has been outspoken in his opinions on Boris Johnson’s government.

Just last month, it turned out that he was partly responsible for the Benny Hill theme music being played by political activist Steve Bray outside Parliament on the day of Boris Johnson’s resignation.

Earlier this year, he labelled the government as “insecure, spittle-flecked nut jobs” over their plans to scrap the license fee in 2027, and accused them of wanting to “destroy” the BBC.

And last year, he accused the government of using the covid pandemic to “enrich” its friends and donors.

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