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13th Nov 2023

Young boy wins £400,000 gold Prime drink bottle after correctly guessing the code

Charlie Herbert

Boy wins gold prime bottle

The gold Prime bottle has been won

A young boy has won a gold Prime drink bottle worth more than £400,000 after correctly managing to guess a six-digit code in London.

Released just last year to incredible hype, there was a time when Prime was practically impossible to get and there were reports of parents driving halfway across the country so they could get their kids a bottle of the drink.

Last week, co-founders KSI and Logan Paul launched a competition to mark the billionth bottle of the drink being sold, which gave fans the chance to win a solid gold bottle worth a whopping $500,000 (£405,730).

One bottle was placed in New York, and another was placed in London.

Explaining how the competition would work, the pair said in a video: “The golden Prime will be encased in bulletproof glass.

“To get to it you must correctly guess a six-digit code.

“Each person only has one guess and only 20 seconds to make that guess.

“If the code is not guessed correctly within 48 hours, the torches inside the case will ignite.

“And the gold prime bottle will be incinerated completely – worth absolutely nothing. [Former NASA engineer] Mark Rober made it.”

Plenty of fans tried to guess the code, but with no success.

That was until one boy stepped forward. Wearing a Pinewood FC jersey, the youngster managed to correctly guess the six-digit code – 954229 if you’re wondering – prompting an explosion of confetti and celebrations from all watching.

The lucky fella then managed to grab a snap with KSI himself, who wrote on X: “The amount of Prime and Vbucks [the in-game currency for Fortnite] they’re gonna get will be unreal.”

It was bad news for those in New York though, as this bottle had to be melted down once the London one was won.

Paul confirmed on his Instagram that the State-side bottle has been “completely destroyed.”

The gold was melted down, so does still exist as gold but just not in bottle-shape.

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