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18th Aug 2023

Woman outraged after boyfriend tells her she needs to be more ‘like a lady’ because she farted


‘I tend to fart a few times a night, and he gets super grumpy, accusing me of doing it on purpose’

A woman has told how her relationship is under strain because her boyfriend thinks she farts “too much at home and it disgusts him.”

The Brit posted on the subreddit, AmITheA****** asking whether people thought she was “crazy for thinking farting is normal”, after being told off by her boyfriend over her flatulence.

The fallout from her farts, the woman explained, has led to the couple sleeping in separate rooms, and pleas for her to be “more like a lady.”

The woman, posting under the handle @throwaway1083672513, said she wanted to “fart without prejudice” and detailed how the pair had gotten into an argument that night after she farted in the kitchen “on accident.”

“I am extremely fed up with him treating me like what I’m doing is unnatural and always telling me I need to be more like a lady,” the woman wrote.

The 24-year-old has been with her partner, 30, for almost two years, but they only recently moved in together.

The woman wrote in her post: “Lately, he’s been getting really frustrated with me because he says I fart too much at home and it disgusts him.

“I tend to fart a few times a night, and he gets super grumpy, accusing me of doing it on purpose (I’m not).”

The woman said she feels like she should be able to “fart in my own home without judgement” and had told her boyfriend she was “sick and tired of his attitude and acting like I’m some sort of freak for doing something that everyone does.”

The woman’s flatulence, she said, had led to them sleeping in separate rooms and “not speaking because of the fight.”

Commenters were overwhelmingly in favour of the farter, with the boyfriend barely getting a whiff of support.

One person stated matter of fact, “ladies fart. Everyone farts.”

“Not feeling comfortable enough to fart in your own home because this dude has some archaic belief that it’s not ladylike seems miserable,” they added.

Another questioned whether the woman’s BF thinks “women poop glitter?”

“He sounds very dumb and also ridiculous. Make your point by freaking out every time he farts/sneezes/burps so he sees how absurd he’s being,” they advised.

Another commenter suggested an unusual way of changing her boyfriend’s perception on farts: “He sounds like a man who needs to be hot-boxed with a good pregnant fart.”

The story also prompted other Reddit users to share their stories, and one person revealed they had been in a relationship for nine years with “someone who would only permit me to far in the bathroom or while I was sleeping.”

‘He would look at me so disgusted, then shame me, if I let one slip. When I started dating after that, the first thing on my list of qualities to look for was someone I could fart in front of,” they added.

However, one person needed more context, questioning how bad the farts being activated are.

“I need to know how bad hers are because I might agree with her. My husband is always doing it and his are foul. They smell like rotten eggs and linger for hours. I get mad at him for doing it outside of the bathroom because it’s quite hard to enjoy food when you’re stifled by the smell of rotten eggs.”

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