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20th Jul 2022

Dog’s face after being stretchered off mountain on hottest day of the year says it all

April Curtin

Being carried down a mountain via stretcher is just the heatwave vibe

A dog had to be stretchered off a mountain when it got too hot and it sums up exactly how the UK has felt all heatwave.

The golden retriever was being walked in Northern Ireland’s Mournes Mountains on Monday afternoon when it fell ill amid the unbearably hot temperatures. NI recorded its hottest day of the year that day, with temperatures of 31.2C in Co Fermanagh, just under its record temperature of  31.3C which was recorded in Co Tyrone last July.

It was just before 5pm when 12 members of the Mournes Mountain Rescue team were called to save a dog in the Glen River area, which was believed to be facing “possible heat exhaustion,” the team’s statement said.

It took rescuers three hours to get the dog down the mountain and back to the owner’s vehicle, before being taken away for treatment.

“The Dog was treated, packaged and evacuated by stretcher,” a statement from the rescue team confirmed.

A photo of the dog posted on Facebook has received hundreds of likes, and quite frankly, its face sums up how we’ve felt the whole heatwave.

While this poor pooch managed to get away unscathed, the heatwave did sadly see death and destruction across the UK.

At least 10 people died in open water after getting into difficulty amid the horrific heat, four of whom were teenagers.

On Tuesday, a “huge surge” of fires that spread across London saw a major incident declared in the capital, with firefighters at their busiest since World War 2. Nearly 20 homes completely destroyed in the blazes, and while some were treated for smoke inhalation, thankfully nobody was injured.

Worryingly, climate experts have warned that one day, 40C heat in Britain will seem cool.

Writing in The Guardian, UCL professor emeritus of geophysical and climate hazards Bill McGuire said: “When our children are our age, they will yearn for a summer as “cool” as 2022, because long before the century’s end, 40C-plus heat will be nothing to write home about in the climate-mangled world they inherit.”

He added: “Things are going to be dreadful, but – working together – we still have the time to stop a dangerous future becoming a cataclysmic one.”

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