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09th Apr 2017

WATCH: This hilariously awkward sketch goes in HARD on THAT Pepsi commercial

Rory Cashin

Haven’t heard about the Pepsi controversy?

Firstly, what is rent like under that rock? Because it is AWFUL out here.

And secondly, to catch up really quickly, check out Pepsi’s original ad, and then Pepsi’s apology for it, and then how it has already leaked into real life when someone tried to solve a tense council meeting with Pepsi, which doesn’t end well.

The question everyone everywhere is asking is how did this ad, which clearly had to go through months of pre-production and had hundreds if not thousands of people working on it, at no point had someone stuck their hand in the air and said “Hey, guy? I’m not sure this is a super good idea.”

Well, the folks at SNL had the exact same though, and came up with this painfully funny and painfully awkward sketch about the writer and director of the commercial suddenly realising what a terrible thing he was about to bring into the world.

In fact, it almost isn’t funny, because it feels too real. We imagine the thundering light-bulb moment when the creative team at the company realised what they had on their hands went pretty much exactly like this.

But hey, at least it has everyone talking about Pepsi.

Plus it has resulted in near-perfect sketches like this for us to enjoy.

Clip via Saturday Night Live