Vladimir Putin has condemned Donald Trump's bombing of Syria 4 years ago

Vladimir Putin has condemned Donald Trump's bombing of Syria

On Friday, it was reported that the United States had launched over 50 tomahawk missiles into Syria.

This was aimed at a chemical base, which is believed to have been the origin of a chemical attack within the country earlier in the week.


While it was also reported that there may have been Russian soldiers in the area, journalists announced that Trump had informed the Russian government of the impending attack before he had even informed his own.

Soon afterwards, ABC News reported that the Syrian military had anticipated the missile attack, with eyewitnesses of the attack indicating that the base was mostly deserted at the time of the strike.

Despite this, CNN have reported that Russian President Vladimir Putin has condemned the missile and strike, and has called Donald Trump's actions an international "aggression against a sovereign state in violation of the norms of international law under a far-fetched pretext."

Putin went on to say that the strike has caused serious harm to Russian-American relations, and according to The Washington Post, has already resulted in Russian officials pulling out of a deal with Washington to share air-based missions over Syria going forward.

Similarly, Russia's head of Defence Committee Victor Ozerov has warned that this strike may result in a shut down between Russian and American military co-operation.