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10th May 2017

US to ban laptops in cabins of all flights from Europe

Better bring a book

Alan Loughnane

Better bring a book.

The Department of Homeland Security plans to ban laptops from the cabins of all flights from Europe to the US.

According to The Daily Beast, European security officials informed them that the move is expected to be announced on Thursday this week.

If the ban was to also include tablets, like the current ban introduced for flights from certain airports in Africa and the Middle East, the move would mean that passengers from Ireland flying to the US would not be allowed to board a flight to the US carrying any electronic devices larger than a smartphone.

Laptops and tablets would need to be checked-in ahead of flights and stored in the cargo hold.

In March this year, the US announced laptop restrictions on flights from 10 airports in Jordan, Egypt, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Morocco, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates over fears that a bomb could be concealed in electronic devices carried onto the aircraft.

In a statement to The Daily Beast, The US Department for Homeland Security said:

“No final decisions have been made on expanding the restriction on large electronic devices in aircraft cabins; however, it is under consideration. DHS continues to evaluate the threat environment and will make changes when necessary to keep air travelers safe.”


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