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24th Nov 2015

This is the moment the Turkish military shoot down Russian fighter over Syrian border (Video)

Ben Kenyon

A Russian fighter jet was filmed being shot out of the sky near the Turkish border.

The SU-24 jet was caught on camera plummeting out of the sky in flames over the border with Turkey and Syria.

The plane was shot down by the Turkish military for an incursion into the country’s airspace, officials claim.

Turkish army chiefs say the fighter was given a series of warnings before being shot down by one of its F-16 jets.

Russia, which has been carrying out a series of bombing raids over neighbouring Syria, confirmed the downed fighter was part of its airforce, but claimed the plane had not made an incursion into Turkish airspace.

The two pilots are believe to have ejected and Turkish helicopters were scrambled to recover them.

It is not the first time Turkey has taken direct action over its airspace after a Russian drone was downed last month.