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22nd Feb 2018

The TV licence fee is increasing

Paul Moore

The change comes in from the start of April

From 1 April, the cost of the annual licence fee will increase to £150.50 from £147, the Government has confirmed.

In 2016, the Government said that this increase would be in line with inflation for five years from 1 April 2017. Last year, the fee increased for the first time since 2010.

The new licence fee amount equates to £2.89 a week or £12.54 a month.

As stated by the BBC: “Licence fee payers will receive a payment plan or a reminder reflecting the new amount when their licence is next due for renewal. Those buying or renewing a licence after 1 April will pay the new fee. Those already buying a licence on an instalment scheme which started before 1 April – such as monthly direct debit or weekly cash payments – will continue to make payments totalling £147 until their licence comes up for renewal.”

If you’re buying a new licence before 1 April you’ll also pay the current rate.