The exact moment that this Sky News presenter realised how f*cked we all are 5 years ago

The exact moment that this Sky News presenter realised how f*cked we all are

We're seriously fucked, aren't we?

Anna Botting is an accomplished journalist who has been a member of the Sky News team for over a decade. She has reported and presented stories on war, famine, tragedy and recession. In short, she has seen some shit and has always been unflappable.


But on Sunday, she was confronted with a scenario so incomprehensible, a statement of such worrying implications to the country's wellbeing, that she was left speechless and visibly shocked.

Boris Johnson And Michael Gove Address The Nation After EU Referendum Victory : News Photo

Sky's political editor Faisal Islam was in the studio to report on the latest news regarding the fallout from last week's EU Referendum. He had been speaking various people in around the Leave campaign.


He relayed a particular conversion with a Brexiteer that truly beggars belief.

"This comes from a Conservative Leave MP, who I think will be backing Boris Johnson in the leadership contest. I said, "Where's the plan? Can we see the Brexit plan?", and he said, "There is no plan. The Leave campaign don't have a post-Brexit plan. Number 10 should have had a plan."

"Now it sounds like I'm making that up but it literally happened two hours ago. [Long pause] I've said this before - the person with the most thought through plan, as evidenced by the last 48 hours, is astonishingly Nicola Sturgeon, the First Minister of Scotland."

Taking a moment to fully comprehend what Islam had just said, Botting simply replied: "I don't know what to say to that."

Neither do we.