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16th May 2023

The Chase viewers left raging after contestant ‘denied correct answer’


The chase

‘Are you joking?’

Viewers of The Chase were left raging on Monday after a contestant’s answer was deemed ‘incorrect’ by the show’s host.

Bradley Walsh was on presenting duties as four new players fought against one another to win the prize money.

They were up against Chaser, Darragh Ennis, who aimed to deny them a victory on the game show.

The minor mishap occurred in the final stages and it was Bradley who was in the firing line by viewers after he deemed the player incorrect.

As the four contestants battled it out in the final chase against ‘the Menace’, they were stopped in their tracks when George was refused his answer.

The 23-year-old from London, was asked: “The term carjack is a blend of car and what other word.”

With just seconds left to give an answer, George confidently responded: “Hijacked.”

However, Brad shut him down and said his answer was incorrect, leaving many viewers confused.

The TV host corrected him and said: “Hijack!”

When the round was over, Bradley followed up by saying: “Bad luck with hijacked, we needed hijack.”

The decision left fans raging online as they rushed to Twitter, threatening to send a slew of complaints over the injustice.

One viewer said: “Yet again #TheChase is a joke. Hijack/Hijacked. Who gives a f***! I’m going to write a strongly-worded email.”

Another wrote: “So fixed. That hijack answer is given to the chaser every time. #TheChase”

A third then added: “Hijack not hijacked is a bit harsh. Especially at the speed Brad is reading, hard to tell if he said Carjack or carjacked.”

“Hijack vs Hijacked are you joking? #thechase,” a fourth said.

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