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15th May 2023

Cillian Murphy speaks out on possibility of filming more Peaky Blinders stories

Charlie Herbert

Cillian Murphy speaks out on possibility of filming more Peaky Blinders stories

‘I’m up for it’

Cillian Murphy has said he is “up for” being involved in further Peaky Blinders projects and stories.

The actor starred as Tommy Shelby in the hit BBC series which first hit screens in 2013.

The sixth and final season of the show aired at the start of 2022, although we know that a Peaky Blinders film is in the works.

Beyond this, fans have no idea whether there will be more Peaky Blinders projects, but Murphy has confirmed he would be keen to reprise his role as Tommy “if there’s more stories to tell.”

Speaking to Michelle Visage at the BAFTA TV Awards on Sunday, Murphy was asked about whether he would be up for more Peaky Blinders projects beyond the upcoming film.

The actor said: “If there’s more stories to tell, you know I’m gonna be there.”

He added that he had “no specific updates” or “exclusives” about the film.

After Visage said the final season of Peaky Blinders had ended with a sense of ‘so where do we go from here?’ Murphy agreed, saying: “I guess that’s the question, that’s the question that we have to pose to ourselves really, but I’m up for it.”

Last year, following the conclusion of the final series, show creator Steven Knight confirmed that the Peaky Blinders film was “nearly written” and that the film was set to start shooting in 2023.

Speaking to Heart Radio, he revealed that it would be shot in Birmingham, where the series is set.

He also teased that the film will feature some “familiar faces” alongside new characters added into the mix.

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